Veriswap Design

This service is under design and development, and subject to change at any time.

Guides on using Veriswap can be found here:

Using Veriswap

Code Repository

Use the issues tracker to find areas to contribute to the dApp development, and also find development bounties to work on:


Veriswap is a reference implementation for Signata. It is a peer-to-peer token swap service where party A can specify an amount of a token to swap for another, and party B can execute that swap. For integration with Signata it provides an option identity enforcement check on swaps.

The service is designed to show how to use Signata in a dApp for others to build similar integrations. If you're wanting to test integration, then adding features to Veriswap is encouraged simply through submitting a pull request on the GitHub repository for the dApp.

The dApp is deployed on Fleek using IPFS, so it is available at the following URLs:

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